NSIT@NLP4IF-2019: Propaganda Detection from News Articles using Transfer Learning

Published in Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Natural Language Processing for Internet Freedom: Censorship, Disinformation, and Propaganda, 2019

Recommended citation: Kartik aggarwal, Anubhav Sadana https://www.aclweb.org/anthology/D19-5021/

In this paper, we describe our approach and system description for NLP4IF 2019 Workshop: Shared Task on Fine-Grained Propaganda Detection. Given a sentence from a news article, the task is to detect whether the sentence contains a propagandistic agenda or not. The main contribution of our work is to evaluate the effectiveness of various transfer learning approaches like ELMo, BERT, and RoBERTa for propaganda detection. We show the use of Document Embeddings on the top of Stacked Embeddings combined with LSTM for identification of propagandistic context in the sentence. We further provide analysis of these models to show the effect of oversampling on the provided dataset. In the final test-set evaluation, our system ranked 21st with F1-score of 0.43 in the SLC Task.

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Kartik aggarwal, Anubhav Sadana