About Me

I am currently a final year undergrad at NSIT, Delhi pursuing Manufacturing, Processes and Automation Engineering and Research Assistant at DRDO, India under supervision of Dr. Gurjit Singh Walia. Simultaneously, I am working as Instructor at CampK12 teaching machine learning to high school and undergrad students. Previously, I worked with MIDAS Lab, IIIT Delhi advised by Dr. Rajiv Ratn Shah and Dr. Debanjan Mahata. My research interests lie in Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Information Fusion.

Recent News

  1. May 2020: Our work on Design and Analysis of Adaptive Graph based Cancelable Multi-Biometrics Approach accepted at IEEE Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing
  2. November 2019: Attending EMNLP 2019 from 3-7 November in Hong Kong.
  3. October 2019: Our paper on Propaganda Detection from News Articles accepted at NLP4IF, EMNLP 2019
  4. September 2019: Attending AthNLP Summer School, 2019 at Athens, Greece.
  5. August 2019: Selected for Machine Learning Summer School 2019 (MLSS) at Moscow, Russia.
  6. July 2019: Attending CVIT ML Summer School 2019 at IIITH, Hyderabad
  7. May 2019: Starting a summer internship at CampK12 as Machine Learning Instructor.
  8. March 2019: Our paper “MIDAS at SemEval-2019 Task 9: Suggestion Mining from Online Reviews using ULMFit” got accepted at Proceedings of the 13th International Workshop on Semantic Evaluation